Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Next Step

Hello Cylon friends!
I hope you have been keeping up do date with all the articles over at the Caprica Times. There are a lot of good points to think about regarding Syfy, wrestling and "Blood and Chrome."
I have recieved some more donations (Thank you!) and have put up an add here on the page to raise funds for the next step in the campaign. Note to Syfy: This will never end!
You will be seeing some news this week about some new stuff I have planned.
Stay tuned and keep writing to @Syfy on Twitter and on the Facebook and pages!
So Say We All


  1. well whats the next step??

  2. i hope they will continuing season 2 at-least to finish it since i seen end of season 1 there were spoilers it's simply driven me insane to see season 2 :D

  3. would netflix continue it i know it saved arrested development i would love to see this show go on it is my favorite