Monday, December 13, 2010

Round 2

I want to share with you a few videos circling the internet. The first is the "I'm A Lil Cylon" video and the second is a visual representation of the amount of apples delivered to NBC at 30 Rock.

The second delivery of our apples will be sent tomorrow to Syfy headquarters in Universal city. This is where I can use the help of the Cylon Army. Is anyone familiar with the layout of the place? It has been really difficult to organize this because of the amount of security and the lack of information regarding where exactly the building is and how the driver gets there to drop off the shipment. Can anyone give me any information at all?
The delivery of $1,350 worth of apples was purchased through a small business specializing in delivering organic produce to several metro areas with a low carbon footprint. They are going to attempt delivery tomorrow. If it doesn't work out, the apples are going to another charity. This one is called Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition. If anyone wants to be there to witness the shipment being dropped off send me a comment or email and I will relay the information about time and place to you. It would be great to have someone there to take pictures or video.
Through our efforts we have managed to get the final five episodes airing on Syfy in January. We don't have to wait very much longer. For those of you who haven't pirated them or streamed them from some online source, you're in for a treat. The final episodes of the show blossom into something even more spectacular than before.
Many of the cast members have already signed on to new projects since their contracts have ended with Syfy. Please continue to support them in any new endeavor. They are a talented bunch. But don't give up hope. Take for example the Firefly film "Serenity" which was made after two years of the cancelled show being off the air. It took a bunch of loyal fans to get the film
made and it is still a widely successful franchise with great DVD sales and a series of popular graphic novels released.
So, if anyone has any information regarding Universal City and relevant information for the driver please contact me today Monday, December 13th.

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