Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shirtless: Vote for Shirtless Man of the Year - Show Patrol

Shirtless: Vote for Shirtless Man of the Year - Show Patrol
Let's get some more attention to Caprica and it's amazing cast starting with voting for Sasha Roiz here!
I just got a Google Chrome extension for Blogger so you will start to see me share more links!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Apple Update

I wanted to get some pictures to show you the huge shipment that was sent out in Los Angeles but unfortunately it seems like that is not going to happen. It has been raining pretty bad in Los Angeles and my only contact there was Ted who runs the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition and has his hands full trying to get people fed outside in the rain.
I can at least share with you his words from a few emails we exchanged.

"The apples were -- and are -- a big hit. They're the best looking (and presumably best tasting) apples we've ever seen, and we are thrilled to have them."
"Thank you again for your great kindness, which made a big difference to us -- and, again, Merry Christmas."

Spud, an online grocer serving most of the West Coast, wasn't able to penetrate the fortress-like compound that NBC has created in Universal City. They are very specific on which trucks get in to their business area. Ours did not get through this time either. Let @Syfy on Twitter (Craig Engler) know we are not done protesting. With the recent cancellation of SGU, more fans are furious at the treatment of both our beloved shows and the entire fan base which helped build the Syfy network. Syfy has barely any original science-fiction programming left! The ones they have on aren't even close to being the thought-provoking and relevant series that Caprica is.
Don't forget to pick up your copies of Caprica Season 1.5 on DVD. I suggest giving them out as gifts to your friends and family who may or may not be sci-fi fans. I'm sure your local postal worker would love one as a holiday tip. I would suggest refraining from handing them out to train conductors and the like, or even robotic butlers.
For those of you who still haven't seen the final five episodes: Do it!
Who is going to organize any viewing parties for the marathon on Syfy? Post any in the comments or tweet them with the hashtag #SaveCaprica and I'll advertise them if they are public viewings. It would still be fun to see how many people are having them whether or not they are public.
I have a few more gimmicks in mind to keep the campaign going. Stay tuned.
And finally, for any of you in Seattle, Portland, SF Bay Area, LA & Orange County in the US, or Vancouver, Van. Island or Calgary in Canada:
get $25 off your first 3 orders by using the promo code CRLAX-MEDROS. They have great organic produce and much more with fantastic customer service. If any of you are in New York, I highly recommend Big Apple Grocer who goes above and beyond for their customers.

Let's keep the fight going.
So Say We All

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The 2nd Shipment

Between 10:30 a.m. and noon PST a truckload of apples will be sent to Syfy in Universal City, CA. The driver will attempt to deliver the apples there and if he is turned away they will once again go to the needy. The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition will receive the fruits of our labor, literally. Their kitchen is at 1160 N Cahuenga in Los Angeles. Excitement is building! Hopefully I can get some pictures to post for you all to see.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Round 2

I want to share with you a few videos circling the internet. The first is the "I'm A Lil Cylon" video and the second is a visual representation of the amount of apples delivered to NBC at 30 Rock.

The second delivery of our apples will be sent tomorrow to Syfy headquarters in Universal city. This is where I can use the help of the Cylon Army. Is anyone familiar with the layout of the place? It has been really difficult to organize this because of the amount of security and the lack of information regarding where exactly the building is and how the driver gets there to drop off the shipment. Can anyone give me any information at all?
The delivery of $1,350 worth of apples was purchased through a small business specializing in delivering organic produce to several metro areas with a low carbon footprint. They are going to attempt delivery tomorrow. If it doesn't work out, the apples are going to another charity. This one is called Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition. If anyone wants to be there to witness the shipment being dropped off send me a comment or email and I will relay the information about time and place to you. It would be great to have someone there to take pictures or video.
Through our efforts we have managed to get the final five episodes airing on Syfy in January. We don't have to wait very much longer. For those of you who haven't pirated them or streamed them from some online source, you're in for a treat. The final episodes of the show blossom into something even more spectacular than before.
Many of the cast members have already signed on to new projects since their contracts have ended with Syfy. Please continue to support them in any new endeavor. They are a talented bunch. But don't give up hope. Take for example the Firefly film "Serenity" which was made after two years of the cancelled show being off the air. It took a bunch of loyal fans to get the film
made and it is still a widely successful franchise with great DVD sales and a series of popular graphic novels released.
So, if anyone has any information regarding Universal City and relevant information for the driver please contact me today Monday, December 13th.