Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Taste Of Victory

Through the collective awesomeness of our Caprica fandom we managed to get the #SaveCaprica hashtag trending in Canada. Those lucky frakkers got to watch the new episode Blowback and I have read some positive reviews and amazing tidbits. For us in the States, our election coverage and all the talk about it in social media hampered our ability to get the topic trending. We always have next week. A proactive Cylon has already made a Facebook event.
Another awesome Cylon tweeted me a video trailer he made. You can find it on Youtube or
watch it here:
This movement is blowing up- and unlike the LEV it is all positive! If all goes to plan we get our show back and see this phenomenal show back on the air getting the credit it deserves. We're also part of a huge movement to change the television industry. Yes, the networks need to make money but at what cost? Does the fact that reality shows get more viewers mean that they are what we will be forced to watch in the future? What does that say about the direction our society is going? To be honest, this whole protest is a bit selfish on my part. I am a theater/film student and actress. When and if I make it into television/film, I want the industry to be one that holds shows like Caprica on a pedestal. That is what all shows should aspire to be. The themes that go on in each episode are ones that should be seen and talked about. Watching the networks cancel shows that ought to be lauded is truly devastating. Our combined efforts should change that.
So, saving the best for last, here is what you have been waiting for. Our total amount of
contributions is at an astounding $813. One Cylon reader suggested we set a goal to try and reach. I've also gotten help with a vendor in California. You all are such a great help. Thanks to everyone all around the world that is taking part in saving this show, television and science fiction.
So Say We All


  1. I'm the one who suggested we set a contribution goal. I am so pleased to see that the total has doubled just overnight. I contacted as many as I knew who did not see the FB posts re: the bulk apple campaign contribution effort. So just post goal total--whatever you think, and I'll check back later to read your what you have come up with. Sandi Allen I'll keep working for you!

  2. Great news with the contributions (I made mine last night)

    I'm wondering if anyne has contacted any press or at least if any New Yorkers can volunteer to cover the 'event' for photographs and video etc

  3. I love the new post. And over 800??? That is great! I have the same aspirations as you do, so the feelings are mutual!

  4. I agree w/ Dylan! I think the NY press or magazine should be brought into this. I just donated another nice junk of money! Please update the total soon! Sandi Allen

    Thanks for all you're doing Ro_Me~