Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Home Stretch

Many of you saw the post on the official Facebook fan page answering FAQ's about Caprica and it's cancellation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't those the exact same questions and answers that Craig Engler, SVP and GM of Digital, had on his twitter page at the @Syfy handle? Those were the most generic answers they could have possibly written. We are smarter than that and deserve better.
Today Mr. Engler was on Twitter again talking about profitability of shows. We need to show how successful and profitable Caprica can be. I am an example of that. I dabbled in science fiction before watching Caprica, mostly Star Wars. Now I am inspired and I can't get enough. I am starting to watch the Battlestar Galactica episodes after seeing every episode and interview of
Caprica. I buy the DVD's and talk about Syfy to everyone. This can happen on a massive scale with Caprica. It has so many relevant themes to talk about and amazing actors. If anything else, the show has introduced us to each member of this remarkable cast that we can all follow and support.
As for our apples, we are still going strong. Today's total is $1,353. Impressive.
Also, make sure to pick up your copy of SciFiNow in stores now. Let's make it the best selling issue ever!


  1. Love it! Seems like alot more people are plugging this campaign because of the deadline. And send an email to AMC to express your feelings about why they should buy the rights to Caprica...

  2. An aquaintance of mine could not have said it better and I quote him and have to totally agree
    "I was told that Caprica was canceled due to lack of an audience. That show and Stargate Universe are the ONLY reasons I would turn to your channel! Original Movies? Your budget must be SO lacking because that other garbage you broadcast on there isn't worth the electricity to turn on my TV much less use the battery juice to TURN to it! Original movies? The reason they're so "original" is because nobody in their right mind would show that crap! Sharktopus? How stupid can you people be??? I've always said that SyFy channel is where bad actors go to commit career suicide and just get it over with.

    Damn sure lost me. Hope another network has the stones to pick up Caprica, where these frackn idiots dropped them and us off.