Monday, November 1, 2010


The plan is still on to send a mass shipment of apples to Mark Stern and Steve Burke. Donations are being accepted through Paypal while a vendor is still being procured. I have been talking to the webmaster of the Caprica Times and we are joining forces with the Lil Cylons as well.
I just want to ask all of you to not send hate mail. We're all upset and want to voice our opinions but I believe the best way to do it is to clearly state our arguments and facts. Our loyalty and devotion should speak for itself. Take the emotions you feel and write it out!


  1. Keep us updated on how much money is recieved!

  2. ^Yeah that!

    I've just donated. Greetings from Hungary!:)

  3. Just a question. Was 'Caprica' saved last night? I don't know if I can afford a donation, if that is necessary to 'save' Caprica.

  4. Good luck. Here ya go, have some apples from Australia.

  5. I just donated. I didn't find out about the cancellation until Wednesday morning after I had looked for the show online at 3AM (which is about the time they usually post it after airing on Tuesday night). I miss my Caprica fix. I wish they would count their online viewers as part of the total. I don't get SyFy channel, but I still see ads when I watch the show online.

    Thanks for organizing this.