Monday, November 8, 2010

The Day Before

Tomorrow is the day we place the order to send our apples to Syfy and NBC. We took a blow today with word that the props and costume pieces from Caprica are slated for auction soon but the original plan is still taking place. I was just made aware that Sanctuary, another Syfy show, is filmed almost entirely on green screen so the same thing could be done with Caprica! Much thanks to the Caprica Times for all the great information and news. As we approach our deadline those who still have hope have been donating and sending some positive vibes our way. We have raised $1,950 to date. That's thousands of apples! On Twitter on awesome Cylon (@RyanCarlMercer) suggested we send them with the message "How you like them apples? So Say We All!" I thought it was a hilarious and fantastic idea.
I hope you all keep faith that Syfy will hear out it's audience and change their minds.
For those of you that want to be there for the deliveries I will have an itinerary for you in the near future. After that I'll let you know about Plan B.
So Say We All


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I sent an apple with a letter to both Mark Stern and Steve Burke scheduled to be delivered (they were) today, Tuesday, the 2nd week of Caprica NOT airing on Sci-Fi. I posted a picture on the facebook page: Caprica for season 2! You might get a kick out of it. (I sent it via "Colonial Parcel Service" :-)
    -Stephen Merritt

  2. 1. Have Caprica creators and/or producers create project on Ask for funding for an episode, a season, a movie... whatever.

    2. Have internets spread the word about the project

    3. ...

    4. Profit!

  3. Keep us informed on how many apples were delivered to SyFry. I am guessing you should be able to purchase 1,300 lbs of apples which--depending on the size of the apples--could amount to around 4,000 Apples!