Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Big Apple Story

I thought we were on track with the massive apple shipment to NBC/Universal headquarters at 30 Rock in NYC. The company we purchased the apples from (Big Apple Grocer) had made plenty of deliveries there before. We had plenty of press that had to have let them know it was coming. Through Facebook, Twitter, blogs and news articles the word was spread. Unfortunately our delivery was still denied. The Caprica Times took care of the situation and was there for Plan B, having the apples donated. Please see his website for his account of the story.
Now we are facing the same situation for Syfy headquarters in Universal City, CA. Security is tight, especially with recent death threats made to several casting directors at different studios. They are also still somewhat ignoring us, although we did gain a bit of momentum when they announced the air dates for the remaining 5 episodes here in the US. An extra $105 were donated for our CA shipment which is going to be made this upcoming week. I have a Plan B for that as well.
Syfy made a huge mistake in delaying the episodes here in the US. Pirating and online streaming from uploaders in Canada is rampant. What did they expect? For those of us who have seen these past few episodes we have seen the action getting really heavy. I can totally tell it is going to end in a cliffhanger that I am looking forward to seeing but dreading the end of this amazing season as well. We deserve a proper run not this mess that Syfy has created.
To keep our movement going please visit Lil Cylons and create a video or take a picture for their campaign! Alessandra Torresani put one up on her blog!
Keep visiting all these sites for news and updates and to stay involved in the campaign The DVD comes out next month and the Cylon Army is fighting every day until then and after!


  1. I've seen all but "final" episode, and really hope people support this effort, would love to see the full story.... nothing worse than creativity flushed down the drain...

  2. Well, no real cliff-hanger. Not that I wouldn't want to see another season, Caprica wrapped up pretty nicely.

  3. @coolbits that ending was a preview of season 2