Friday, November 5, 2010

Approaching a Deadline

Just wanted to quickly update you on the total amount of donations we have. Thanks to all of you supporters we have jumped to $1,167. This is a pretty impressive feat for a week. Our tentative deadline is Tuesday to order a shipment. After that if anybody wants to donate it will be added but to secure a massive order we need to let the companies know ASAP.
Don't forget about the upcoming #SaveCaprica hashtag event on Tuesday again. And to stay up to the minute on all coverage check out The Caprica Times for all the news and Lil Cylons for all the campaigns going on.
Stay positive and adamant that we can give our show the chance and attention it deserves.
And to all you Canadians- I'm still jealous you got to watch the last episode. Apparently nobody has been able to find it online. This is fueling some Twitter rage.
I'll get back to you this weekend with an uplifting and moving blog. I know the last few have been sub-par. Until then, keep writing your emails, letters, tweets and Facebook posts. I've noticed that the comment boards for Caprica and Syfy's official pages are still in an uproar. Well done.

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