Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Day

Caprica is clearly a show that has attracted an audience from all over the world. That is the great thing about science fiction and a show with just pertinent themes. Fans from so many countries are donating to our campaign. Today we're at $1,062 and still going strong. Our goal is $3,500 to make a huge statement.
We do have press releases out thanks to the Caprica Times. I'll get back to you guys that want to be there for the deliveries. That should be pretty fun to watch. We have another few ideas that I'll keep you all updated on. There has been some exciting press coverage about all of us. The next post will be all about that.


  1. haha we should have the apples delivered with a letter "How do you like them apples, SO SAY WE ALL!"

  2. Just sent 8 more, that takes me to 28... hopefully money trickles into my paypal a little faster so I can get it headed over.

  3. So any more information about how they will be delivered. ie In boxes to reception, or a tipping truck out in front :)

  4. I was just browsing around thinking about Caprica and become shocked when I found out that it was canceled.

    So is this the plan, a single person is handling a large shipment of apples? Not individuals sending smaller shipments of apples? I would be willing to mirror your efforts and have multiple shipments send out. And would also ready some of my own funding. Please contact me at . I couldn't find any contact us info on this blog.

  5. My problem is that I could not watch SyFy when the resumption of the episodes began in October because after being laid off for such a long time, one of the first things that went was cable. I have been catching up on Hulu at my sister's house and I have to say that the momentum that was built up in the storylines...and the intrigue...are just ever more incredible.

    This is a very classy production, imaginative stories... a look and feel that is incredible for being on a station like SyFy. The breaking up of a season hurts a show like this. I wish they would realize this does not work for every series. Trying to milk it and save costs in production by airing half seasons like BSG and this - I think that's what hurt the overall ratings. You need the culmination of an entire season of build up and can't just cut it in half.

    This sucks and I hope they reconsider!


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