Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zoe's Apple

For those of you who watched/heard of the show Jericho that was on CBS, you might know about how their fans saved it from cancellation. They rallied and sent tons of peanuts to the offices of the CBS executives. Check out the full story here.I propose to completely rip off their idea and send all the bigwigs at Syfy and NBC/Universal a load of APPLES.
The Apple is iconic to us Caprica fans. It is on basically every piece of advertising Syfy made. By
a bag and mail them out to Steve Burke, Mark Stern and whomever else you can reach! Include a note with the STO symbol on it. I'm going to start preparing my packages tomorrow. Updates and pictures to come.
Mark Stern
Executive VP Original Programming
NBC Universal – Sci Fi Channel
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 1400, 14th Floor
Universal City, CA 91608

Steve Burke
CEO of NBC/Universal
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
So Say We All


  1. I found the perfect site to buy apples to send.
    25 apples for $31, sent with any message you want, to whoever you want.

  2. omg this is going to work Jericho but the sad thing is cbs did not give a full 22 ep season

  3. If i could afford to order a big package of apples and mail them i would, but i cant!!! :(

  4. I hope this works I really do

  5. Excellent notion, I'm on board!

  6. The thing that made the Jericho nuts campaign work is finding a merchant who would let people donate directly (in small amounts) and the merchant pooled the orders. This allowed for very large orders to arrive at the CBS dock.

    For those Jericho fans who have not heard, we are in the middle of the season 3 Jericho comic and that may lead to another series or a Jericho movie.


  7. For coverage, Savecaprica organizer please contact me at


    Please Join! We can do this!!!

  9. How about for one week we send in apples and a letter asking for a renewel with the Tamara "T" symbol on it.

  10. i'll be mailing an apple today, more than likely, to mark stern.

  11. a thought: should we pick one bigwig to send to? i vote stern as he was on a podcast for caprica this season.

  12. I think what we should do is keep on voting on the people's choice link for caprica for favourite scifi t.v. show, then select favourite t.v. family and there's the option for a write in vote, and people write in the Graystone family, just a thought

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  14. What I find ironic is how they seem to find it much more important to expand their WWE and other wrestling shows. While I get the fiction part, what does it have to do with SyFy?

    They should have at least let the show run to its conclusion - I mean what was the point otherwise.

    (Had to fix a typo..)

  15. I would like to participate in this apple sending venture... but I'm not having any luck finding a site I can place an order on from an international location :( won't take my billing details unless they're in the US. And the site suggested in an earlier post states on their website that they don't ship to California... Anyone have any other suggestions?