Friday, October 29, 2010


I have been researching apple wholesale and delivery companies in New York. I'm hoping to get a delivery set up for November 15th, the date the season finale of Caprica was supposed to air. I agree with the commenter that suggested we pool our money and send a huge delivery. I envision a truck showing up sending our message to NBC. You might be questioning the point of sending apples. To me it is just a statement. The fact that it was a major part of Syfy's marketing is a plus. We saw it and retained it. I also want to encourage all of you to write letters to NBC/Universal and Comcast. Express your feelings. State facts. What they want to see is numbers which transfers into dollars. Caprica was cancelled before it hit it's stride. I truly believe that at the rate it is going now and with some tweaking of the schedule and marketing, the ratings would go way up. Look at the amount of accolades it has received from the media. This could be a great and long running show with the potential to make a lot of money for the network.
Phase 1 is bringing attention to the amount of people who are against the cancellation by this apple stunt. Phase 2 will be bringing more viewers by getting Caprica nominated and hopefully winning that People's Choice award. Phase 3 will be to show our support financially. We need those DVDs to fly off the shelves.
So Say We All


  1. just wondering if there's anything i can do to help, drop me an email at or!/superdave123456

  2. If the show is cancelled then the opposite of phase 3 should happen - fans should refuse to buy any DVDs or BluRays of the show, no matter how much they want them. Maybe pick them up cheap months later when they're reduced down to next to nothing as they're not selling.

    If the show does get another season though we should all pick up a copy of Season 1 as soon as it hits the shelves to show our appreciation.

  3. Let me know where to send the money. I would also like to get something going 2 get the damn wrestling off the station.

    They really need to get back on the bandwagon with science fiction. Sigh.

  4. @John

    Actually, The Family Guy was cancelled in 2001 and FOX brought it back on-air because of enormous fan support by way of DVD sales.

  5. RoMo,

    Have you considered having a fan table for your campaign at one of the Comic Cons attended by SyFy and NBC Universal?

    Phase 3 of the Jericho campaign involves a traveling fan table and it has made a huge difference to the Save Campaign.

    If you want to learn more, contact me via my site,


  6. Hi RoMo,
    When we initially saved Jericho the company the peanuts were bought from set up a special webpage and ordering system so people could chip in.
    Looks like they have just taken it down, but the Google cache is up:

    You may be able to convince your apple supplier to do something similar? You're right in that the key is to get massive shipments going to Syfy, it took several though with CBS and they kept saying they would not change their mind. But the main thing is... They did.
    Some of the main guys behind the campaign got in touch with some of the actors from the show and they put YouTube videos up too, rallying the troops.
    The point someone made about Family Guy is good as well, at the end of the day SyFy is a business and we need to make them see that Caprica will earn it's keep. I will be buying the DVDs when they are released in the UK and I urge everyone else too as well.
    If we boycott them in anyway our other shows will be cancelled and it will become 'The Wrestling Channel'.

  7. @Christopher

    Agreed, but what's the audience size difference between Caprica and Family Guy? I simply don't want to give money to the "suits" who've cancelled a great show. If they choose to continue it then I'll purchase, if not then they'll not get any money from me. Rather like if SyFy choose to show wrestling then I choose not to watch the adds that support their channel (well not watch at all), if they show decent programming like Caprica then their adds get watched.