Thursday, October 28, 2010


I spent most of the day researching the best ways to start our campaign. Thanks to a Soldier on the comments section of the previous post we have a website that sends apple gift boxes for a relatively good price- Honeycrisp. While searching the V-World ( internet) I also found Terhune Orchards in New Jersey that ships a 10 pound box for $25. If you live near an Aldi's there are bags of apples for as low as $1.49. I bought 2 today!
My plan is to send them individually with a note that includes a reason why Caprica should stay on the air and the symbol of the STO. I am also mulling over the thought of starting a Paypal to collect donations to send some of those gift boxes of apples. I will start putting together the packages tomorrow. Thought? Suggestions?


  1. Yes I will donate to a pay pal account for some apples. Leaving in canada it would be easier if you sent them or somebody!

  2. What about checking w/local NY news stations regarding the cancellation by NBC Universal. it's possible they may see this as Human Interest specific and create some airtime to mention the FB outcry against the cancellation. If it's mention on TV, NBC would have to stand up and take notice! Sandi Allen

  3. i was just thinking that sending the apples individually might be making more of a statement... rather than having one person send them.. because i might show that there are a lot of people out there as opposed to just one serious fan... but anyway where are you posting the address to mail stuff to?