Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

I have feeler emails out to a few apple vendors. Once the business week starts I should have some more updates and we can speed this thing along. November 15 is the goal date for the mass mailing. That was the date that the season finale was supposed to air. In the meantime here are some links all about Caprica and the campaigns that are going on! All the Lil' Cylons, Caprica Army and the Soldiers of the One are mobilizing!
Alessandra Torresani talks Halloween and saving Caprica at MySpace; the petitions are going
strong; The Caprica Times is keeping us all informed and motivated; Twitter and Facebook have their own groups and events and the Lil Cylons have a video campaign going on while keeping us all together as One!
Thanks to Hugh Hart over at Wired we have our first bit of press.
There are some great ideas and schemes brewing. I'll check in with you Soldiers soon.
Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween weekend.

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