Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shirtless: Vote for Shirtless Man of the Year - Show Patrol

Shirtless: Vote for Shirtless Man of the Year - Show Patrol
Let's get some more attention to Caprica and it's amazing cast starting with voting for Sasha Roiz here!
I just got a Google Chrome extension for Blogger so you will start to see me share more links!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Apple Update

I wanted to get some pictures to show you the huge shipment that was sent out in Los Angeles but unfortunately it seems like that is not going to happen. It has been raining pretty bad in Los Angeles and my only contact there was Ted who runs the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition and has his hands full trying to get people fed outside in the rain.
I can at least share with you his words from a few emails we exchanged.

"The apples were -- and are -- a big hit. They're the best looking (and presumably best tasting) apples we've ever seen, and we are thrilled to have them."
"Thank you again for your great kindness, which made a big difference to us -- and, again, Merry Christmas."

Spud, an online grocer serving most of the West Coast, wasn't able to penetrate the fortress-like compound that NBC has created in Universal City. They are very specific on which trucks get in to their business area. Ours did not get through this time either. Let @Syfy on Twitter (Craig Engler) know we are not done protesting. With the recent cancellation of SGU, more fans are furious at the treatment of both our beloved shows and the entire fan base which helped build the Syfy network. Syfy has barely any original science-fiction programming left! The ones they have on aren't even close to being the thought-provoking and relevant series that Caprica is.
Don't forget to pick up your copies of Caprica Season 1.5 on DVD. I suggest giving them out as gifts to your friends and family who may or may not be sci-fi fans. I'm sure your local postal worker would love one as a holiday tip. I would suggest refraining from handing them out to train conductors and the like, or even robotic butlers.
For those of you who still haven't seen the final five episodes: Do it!
Who is going to organize any viewing parties for the marathon on Syfy? Post any in the comments or tweet them with the hashtag #SaveCaprica and I'll advertise them if they are public viewings. It would still be fun to see how many people are having them whether or not they are public.
I have a few more gimmicks in mind to keep the campaign going. Stay tuned.
And finally, for any of you in Seattle, Portland, SF Bay Area, LA & Orange County in the US, or Vancouver, Van. Island or Calgary in Canada:
get $25 off your first 3 orders by using the promo code CRLAX-MEDROS. They have great organic produce and much more with fantastic customer service. If any of you are in New York, I highly recommend Big Apple Grocer who goes above and beyond for their customers.

Let's keep the fight going.
So Say We All

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The 2nd Shipment

Between 10:30 a.m. and noon PST a truckload of apples will be sent to Syfy in Universal City, CA. The driver will attempt to deliver the apples there and if he is turned away they will once again go to the needy. The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition will receive the fruits of our labor, literally. Their kitchen is at 1160 N Cahuenga in Los Angeles. Excitement is building! Hopefully I can get some pictures to post for you all to see.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Round 2

I want to share with you a few videos circling the internet. The first is the "I'm A Lil Cylon" video and the second is a visual representation of the amount of apples delivered to NBC at 30 Rock.

The second delivery of our apples will be sent tomorrow to Syfy headquarters in Universal city. This is where I can use the help of the Cylon Army. Is anyone familiar with the layout of the place? It has been really difficult to organize this because of the amount of security and the lack of information regarding where exactly the building is and how the driver gets there to drop off the shipment. Can anyone give me any information at all?
The delivery of $1,350 worth of apples was purchased through a small business specializing in delivering organic produce to several metro areas with a low carbon footprint. They are going to attempt delivery tomorrow. If it doesn't work out, the apples are going to another charity. This one is called Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition. If anyone wants to be there to witness the shipment being dropped off send me a comment or email and I will relay the information about time and place to you. It would be great to have someone there to take pictures or video.
Through our efforts we have managed to get the final five episodes airing on Syfy in January. We don't have to wait very much longer. For those of you who haven't pirated them or streamed them from some online source, you're in for a treat. The final episodes of the show blossom into something even more spectacular than before.
Many of the cast members have already signed on to new projects since their contracts have ended with Syfy. Please continue to support them in any new endeavor. They are a talented bunch. But don't give up hope. Take for example the Firefly film "Serenity" which was made after two years of the cancelled show being off the air. It took a bunch of loyal fans to get the film
made and it is still a widely successful franchise with great DVD sales and a series of popular graphic novels released.
So, if anyone has any information regarding Universal City and relevant information for the driver please contact me today Monday, December 13th.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


The Big Apple Story

I thought we were on track with the massive apple shipment to NBC/Universal headquarters at 30 Rock in NYC. The company we purchased the apples from (Big Apple Grocer) had made plenty of deliveries there before. We had plenty of press that had to have let them know it was coming. Through Facebook, Twitter, blogs and news articles the word was spread. Unfortunately our delivery was still denied. The Caprica Times took care of the situation and was there for Plan B, having the apples donated. Please see his website for his account of the story.
Now we are facing the same situation for Syfy headquarters in Universal City, CA. Security is tight, especially with recent death threats made to several casting directors at different studios. They are also still somewhat ignoring us, although we did gain a bit of momentum when they announced the air dates for the remaining 5 episodes here in the US. An extra $105 were donated for our CA shipment which is going to be made this upcoming week. I have a Plan B for that as well.
Syfy made a huge mistake in delaying the episodes here in the US. Pirating and online streaming from uploaders in Canada is rampant. What did they expect? For those of us who have seen these past few episodes we have seen the action getting really heavy. I can totally tell it is going to end in a cliffhanger that I am looking forward to seeing but dreading the end of this amazing season as well. We deserve a proper run not this mess that Syfy has created.
To keep our movement going please visit Lil Cylons and create a video or take a picture for their campaign! Alessandra Torresani put one up on her blog!
Keep visiting all these sites for news and updates and to stay involved in the campaign The DVD comes out next month and the Cylon Army is fighting every day until then and after!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How About Them Apples- Big Apple Edition

$1,100 worth of apples were just sent to Steve Burke at 30 Rock New York City courtesy of us Capricans. That's over 650 pounds of apples which translates into roughly 3,250 individual apples!
Now on to Syfy headquarters in California. Then I have to work out all the delivery kinks. We have mobilized and we will be heard!
So Say We All

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today Is The Day

I'm in the process of ordering that apples and just working out some kinks with payment since all the money is on Paypal. Speaking of which, our total has jumped to $2,349 overnight! My other issue has been ordering a massive quantity which the systems aren't really happy with. Hopefully I can get a real person on the phone and not some automated system. The donation account will stay open through our #SaveCaprica tweet-a-thon tonight. Let's get the hastag trending!
Unfortunately we couldn't get Caprica nominated to get a People's Choice Award. Syfy got completely shut out.
Did you guys check out Alessandra Torresani on Attack of the Show? The video should be up online.
Keep an eye out for an update soon and remember to tweet tonight!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Day Before

Tomorrow is the day we place the order to send our apples to Syfy and NBC. We took a blow today with word that the props and costume pieces from Caprica are slated for auction soon but the original plan is still taking place. I was just made aware that Sanctuary, another Syfy show, is filmed almost entirely on green screen so the same thing could be done with Caprica! Much thanks to the Caprica Times for all the great information and news. As we approach our deadline those who still have hope have been donating and sending some positive vibes our way. We have raised $1,950 to date. That's thousands of apples! On Twitter on awesome Cylon (@RyanCarlMercer) suggested we send them with the message "How you like them apples? So Say We All!" I thought it was a hilarious and fantastic idea.
I hope you all keep faith that Syfy will hear out it's audience and change their minds.
For those of you that want to be there for the deliveries I will have an itinerary for you in the near future. After that I'll let you know about Plan B.
So Say We All

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Home Stretch

Many of you saw the post on the official Facebook fan page answering FAQ's about Caprica and it's cancellation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't those the exact same questions and answers that Craig Engler, SVP and GM of Digital, had on his twitter page at the @Syfy handle? Those were the most generic answers they could have possibly written. We are smarter than that and deserve better.
Today Mr. Engler was on Twitter again talking about profitability of shows. We need to show how successful and profitable Caprica can be. I am an example of that. I dabbled in science fiction before watching Caprica, mostly Star Wars. Now I am inspired and I can't get enough. I am starting to watch the Battlestar Galactica episodes after seeing every episode and interview of
Caprica. I buy the DVD's and talk about Syfy to everyone. This can happen on a massive scale with Caprica. It has so many relevant themes to talk about and amazing actors. If anything else, the show has introduced us to each member of this remarkable cast that we can all follow and support.
As for our apples, we are still going strong. Today's total is $1,353. Impressive.
Also, make sure to pick up your copy of SciFiNow in stores now. Let's make it the best selling issue ever!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Approaching a Deadline

Just wanted to quickly update you on the total amount of donations we have. Thanks to all of you supporters we have jumped to $1,167. This is a pretty impressive feat for a week. Our tentative deadline is Tuesday to order a shipment. After that if anybody wants to donate it will be added but to secure a massive order we need to let the companies know ASAP.
Don't forget about the upcoming #SaveCaprica hashtag event on Tuesday again. And to stay up to the minute on all coverage check out The Caprica Times for all the news and Lil Cylons for all the campaigns going on.
Stay positive and adamant that we can give our show the chance and attention it deserves.
And to all you Canadians- I'm still jealous you got to watch the last episode. Apparently nobody has been able to find it online. This is fueling some Twitter rage.
I'll get back to you this weekend with an uplifting and moving blog. I know the last few have been sub-par. Until then, keep writing your emails, letters, tweets and Facebook posts. I've noticed that the comment boards for Caprica and Syfy's official pages are still in an uproar. Well done.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Day

Caprica is clearly a show that has attracted an audience from all over the world. That is the great thing about science fiction and a show with just pertinent themes. Fans from so many countries are donating to our campaign. Today we're at $1,062 and still going strong. Our goal is $3,500 to make a huge statement.
We do have press releases out thanks to the Caprica Times. I'll get back to you guys that want to be there for the deliveries. That should be pretty fun to watch. We have another few ideas that I'll keep you all updated on. There has been some exciting press coverage about all of us. The next post will be all about that.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Taste Of Victory

Through the collective awesomeness of our Caprica fandom we managed to get the #SaveCaprica hashtag trending in Canada. Those lucky frakkers got to watch the new episode Blowback and I have read some positive reviews and amazing tidbits. For us in the States, our election coverage and all the talk about it in social media hampered our ability to get the topic trending. We always have next week. A proactive Cylon has already made a Facebook event.
Another awesome Cylon tweeted me a video trailer he made. You can find it on Youtube or
watch it here:
This movement is blowing up- and unlike the LEV it is all positive! If all goes to plan we get our show back and see this phenomenal show back on the air getting the credit it deserves. We're also part of a huge movement to change the television industry. Yes, the networks need to make money but at what cost? Does the fact that reality shows get more viewers mean that they are what we will be forced to watch in the future? What does that say about the direction our society is going? To be honest, this whole protest is a bit selfish on my part. I am a theater/film student and actress. When and if I make it into television/film, I want the industry to be one that holds shows like Caprica on a pedestal. That is what all shows should aspire to be. The themes that go on in each episode are ones that should be seen and talked about. Watching the networks cancel shows that ought to be lauded is truly devastating. Our combined efforts should change that.
So, saving the best for last, here is what you have been waiting for. Our total amount of
contributions is at an astounding $813. One Cylon reader suggested we set a goal to try and reach. I've also gotten help with a vendor in California. You all are such a great help. Thanks to everyone all around the world that is taking part in saving this show, television and science fiction.
So Say We All

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Step Closer

Our Cylon Army has mobilized and we are going to be heard. Since yesterday you all have donated $420 to the Paypal account. Donations are literally coming in from all over the world. We have a vendor that is going to deliver apples to the NBC office in New York City: Big Apple Grocer and I'm still looking for one in California to deliver to Mark Stern. Thanks to the partnership with Lil Cylons and The Caprica Times, more and more people are hearing about our campaign and joining us. Alessandra Torresani and Sasha Roiz have been tweeting the links too.
Tonight the next episode (Blowback) will be airing tonight in Canada. At 10 p.m. (9 central) Twitter is going to be lit up with the #SaveCaprica hashtag. Join the Facebook event and set Twitter ablaze!
I would like to thank everyone that has donated and offered to help with everything. Your suggestions have been a great help. The people that have written about all of us on their blogs or websites have been great motivators. Airlock Alpha just put an article up on their website that should get us more attention. Caprica Times is up to date on all the news and events coming up.
Today in the U.S. is Election Day and hopefully all of us that can are going to go out and vote. Let your voices be heard in the polls just like we are telling the television industry what we want to be watching. Strength in numbers for everything.

So Say We All

Monday, November 1, 2010


The plan is still on to send a mass shipment of apples to Mark Stern and Steve Burke. Donations are being accepted through Paypal while a vendor is still being procured. I have been talking to the webmaster of the Caprica Times and we are joining forces with the Lil Cylons as well.
I just want to ask all of you to not send hate mail. We're all upset and want to voice our opinions but I believe the best way to do it is to clearly state our arguments and facts. Our loyalty and devotion should speak for itself. Take the emotions you feel and write it out!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

I have feeler emails out to a few apple vendors. Once the business week starts I should have some more updates and we can speed this thing along. November 15 is the goal date for the mass mailing. That was the date that the season finale was supposed to air. In the meantime here are some links all about Caprica and the campaigns that are going on! All the Lil' Cylons, Caprica Army and the Soldiers of the One are mobilizing!
Alessandra Torresani talks Halloween and saving Caprica at MySpace; the petitions are going
strong; The Caprica Times is keeping us all informed and motivated; Twitter and Facebook have their own groups and events and the Lil Cylons have a video campaign going on while keeping us all together as One!
Thanks to Hugh Hart over at Wired we have our first bit of press.
There are some great ideas and schemes brewing. I'll check in with you Soldiers soon.
Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween weekend.

Friday, October 29, 2010


I have been researching apple wholesale and delivery companies in New York. I'm hoping to get a delivery set up for November 15th, the date the season finale of Caprica was supposed to air. I agree with the commenter that suggested we pool our money and send a huge delivery. I envision a truck showing up sending our message to NBC. You might be questioning the point of sending apples. To me it is just a statement. The fact that it was a major part of Syfy's marketing is a plus. We saw it and retained it. I also want to encourage all of you to write letters to NBC/Universal and Comcast. Express your feelings. State facts. What they want to see is numbers which transfers into dollars. Caprica was cancelled before it hit it's stride. I truly believe that at the rate it is going now and with some tweaking of the schedule and marketing, the ratings would go way up. Look at the amount of accolades it has received from the media. This could be a great and long running show with the potential to make a lot of money for the network.
Phase 1 is bringing attention to the amount of people who are against the cancellation by this apple stunt. Phase 2 will be bringing more viewers by getting Caprica nominated and hopefully winning that People's Choice award. Phase 3 will be to show our support financially. We need those DVDs to fly off the shelves.
So Say We All

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hey Soldiers,
Don't forget to sign the petition over at RedEye Rogue and join the Facebook page "Caprica for Season 2!" as well as the official Caprica page.
Alpha Waves Radio is going to be talking about the cancellation today over at Blog Talk Radio.


I spent most of the day researching the best ways to start our campaign. Thanks to a Soldier on the comments section of the previous post we have a website that sends apple gift boxes for a relatively good price- Honeycrisp. While searching the V-World ( internet) I also found Terhune Orchards in New Jersey that ships a 10 pound box for $25. If you live near an Aldi's there are bags of apples for as low as $1.49. I bought 2 today!
My plan is to send them individually with a note that includes a reason why Caprica should stay on the air and the symbol of the STO. I am also mulling over the thought of starting a Paypal to collect donations to send some of those gift boxes of apples. I will start putting together the packages tomorrow. Thought? Suggestions?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zoe's Apple

For those of you who watched/heard of the show Jericho that was on CBS, you might know about how their fans saved it from cancellation. They rallied and sent tons of peanuts to the offices of the CBS executives. Check out the full story here.I propose to completely rip off their idea and send all the bigwigs at Syfy and NBC/Universal a load of APPLES.
The Apple is iconic to us Caprica fans. It is on basically every piece of advertising Syfy made. By
a bag and mail them out to Steve Burke, Mark Stern and whomever else you can reach! Include a note with the STO symbol on it. I'm going to start preparing my packages tomorrow. Updates and pictures to come.
Mark Stern
Executive VP Original Programming
NBC Universal – Sci Fi Channel
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 1400, 14th Floor
Universal City, CA 91608

Steve Burke
CEO of NBC/Universal
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
So Say We All

Your First Mission

Cylon Army! Soldiers of the One!
This is a call to arms. Caprica is up to be nominated for a People's Choice award. Vote here: and on Twitter. Vote every day! Nothing would show how valued Caprica is like having it nominated and possibly win an award after it's cancellation!

So Say We All

Caprica Cancelled

The sad news that Syfy had cancelled Caprica hit the internet today. Plagued by schedule changes, long hiatuses and not enough viewers, this amazing show has suffered the plight of many a sci-fi show. Many fans of the long running Battlestar Galactica dismissed it because of the major differences between the series. I submit that it was always meant to be completely different and that is exactly what was so great and unique about it. I truly believe that if Syfy renewed it and dedicated a steady schedule and advertising for it, Caprica would prosper. It has been critically acclaimed so many times!There are so many fantastic things about this show- the cast, the stories, the sets, the music, etc. All those amazing people lost their jobs today. We viewers have lost a smart and intriguing drama that rivals anything else on television.
I have never started a campaign to save a show before. I have never felt so strongly attached to a story or the characters in it before. Caprica has so many great and pertinent stories to still tell. Who wants to help save it?